Like walking into a Starbucks for the first time, trying something new can be intimidating. The sizes are weird names, the menus are all over the place and hardly detailed. You ask for just a regular coffee and it turns out they have three different “regular coffees” and fifty thousand flavors that aren’t on the… Read More

“What is actually¬†happening¬†in my body when I get a massage?” “Why do I have to drink so much water?” Originally I intended to address these questions separately, but the answers are essentially the same. To understand why water is so important after a massage you need to understand what your body is accomplishing while you’re… Read More

While receiving a massage, you may have noticed that most strokes are directed centripetally, which is a fancy word meaning “towards the heart.” This is due to the differences in construction of veins versus arteries and how they relate to the heart. Arteries are the conduits that take blood from the heart, after that blood… Read More

Moms, Dads, caretakers, public servants, doctors, nurses, teachers… massage therapists! The list of Givers goes on. We give and give and give without thought of what we’re doing to ourselves. It feels selfish to refuse someone in need even if our own need is more urgent. Think about yourself as a well. People draw your… Read More

We’ve all been there. It’s only 2pm but it feels like it’s 8pm and you’re floundering to focus on work or to keep your eyes open in class. You didn’t sleep well and you have a monster headache. You’ve had two cups of coffee and three Advil just to take the edge off. Someone greets… Read More

Just think about what life would be life with these scientifically proven benefits of massage therapy: Combats stress: you cope with it better and have the capacity to combat it. Increased alertness and mental function: you’re here and now and ready to rock! Deeper and more restful sleep: your body spends more time in deep… Read More

As the new massage therapist at Yoga Born, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Cari Mott, and I’ve been a Massage Therapist since 2014. The time has flown by since I graduated from BHCI in Windsor and accepted a position at a local spa. While there, I worked on… Read More