Therapeutic Massage is a term used to describe a variety of techniques and movements that are targeted to one goal: relief. When you’re in pain, it can be next to impossible to know what it is your body needs to feel better. Therapeutic Massage takes the guess work out of the equation for you, utilizing modalities and techniques that are most effective for you.


Looking for relaxation? Therapeutic work can definitely be tailored to a more meditative and slow paced technique. While pain relief is really my niche, relaxation is achievable as well. Sessions are scheduled by time, not by modality. There is no “Deep Tissue” tax here: you pay a flat rate for exceptional work, every time.


30 Minute Session: $45

A focused session for a single issue.


60 Minute Session: $80

A general full-body session or a detailed session for one or two areas.


90 Minute Session: $110

A full-body session with time for one or two detailed areas.


120 Minute Session: $145

A full-body session with time for detailed work on several areas.


Hot Stone Upgrade: $30 -available November-April only. 

Genuine basalt stones are heated and used to warm the muscles preparing them for deeper more receptive work. Adding hot stones to your treatment increases circulation and may afford you greater relief than bodywork alone. It also has profound psychologically soothing effects.

Not suitable for pregnant women or those with uncontrolled high blood pressure.


90 Minute Signature Stellar Massage: $130 

A little bit of everything! A massage that still focuses on your problem areas but also incorporates a profound sense of relaxation. Enjoy Hot Stones on your back and neck and warm aromatic towels on your feet as well as a face massage with an organic moisturizer. For those who need a little more pampering in their life.

Corporate/Group Chair Massage

Rates and details available here.


Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

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