Bonnie of Harmonious Self, Cari of Stellar Therapeutic Massage and Dawn of Yoga Born in front of Yoga Born Studio.

As the Sole Practitioner of Stellar Therapeutic Massage, Cari is welcoming and professional. Each session is customized to meet your personal needs and expectations, applying a variety of techniques and mediums to achieve maximum results. Cari believes massage is only one aspect of a greater picture of health and happiness which is why she chose Yoga Born Studio as the new location for Stellar Therapeutic Massage. Cari partners with Yoga Born and Harmonious Self to hold an inclusive space for you to heal and create the best you.


Cari provides Therapeutic Massage for stress and pain relief. Therapeutic Massage differs from your traditional spa massage in that it’s generally goal oriented and though it is still relaxing to receive it is focused on working your muscles on a deeper level. It’s commonly misnamed “Deep Tissue” because it reaches the deeper layers of muscle, however most assume this means an uncomfortable amount of pressure is applied. With Therapeutic Massage there is still a good amount of pressure which is needed to reach those deeper layers but it’s applied skillfully so you can relax and allow your muscles to melt.

Each time someone gets off the table they have reached a level of deep relaxation while still reaping the benefits of deep and effective bodywork.

Cari Mott, Sole Practitioner of Stellar Therapeutic Massage

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