As you may have heard about on Stellar’s Facebook or through our e-mails, it’s National Massage Therapy Awareness Week! All this week, the Stellar Blog will be dedicated to helping spread the knowledge of all the ways that Massage Therapy can benefit your health and well-being, to best help you live a long and happy life!

When a person is trying to determine how best to improve their health, one of the first pieces of advice they’ll receive will inevitably be “reduce your stress.” However, in today’s world of deadlines, meetings, emails and conference calls, it can be difficult to find ways to effectively do that with the limited time we have to ourselves. So, were do you turn when your time is limited and your stress is high? Your massage therapist, of course!

The idea that massage therapy can reduce your stress certainly isn’t a new one. The relaxing atmosphere, the quiet time away from your computer or phone, and the reduction of tension from the massage itself all go a long way to making you feel less stressed. But did you know that research has show massage does more to reduce stress than simply give you a time to relax? High stress levels are dangerous because it takes a toll on you both physically and mentally. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, studies have proven that massage therapy has a direct correlation to a reduction in the high blood pressure and tension pain that come with high stress levels. They’ve also proven that massage therapy helps promote muscle relaxation and sleep quality, and improving those is the first step to alleviating the negative effects of day-to-day stress.

Reducing stress is extremely important to living a healthy life, but don’t let trying to find ways to reduce your stress simply stress you out even more! Schedule an appointment with Stellar Therapeutic Massage, and start down the path to a healthier and less stressful life today!


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