There is almost no pain that’s more frustrating than headaches. From a mild throb to a full blown migraine, headaches sap your energy and distract you from anything you need to get done. There are a number of medications you can take to fight them, but they can have unhealthy side effects, and finding a real solution is always the better option. Fortunately, Massage Therapy can be that solution!

Massage Therapy has been proven to do much more for headaches than simply give you a place to relax. Massage increases the blood flow to tense muscles, providing them with the oxygen and nutrients they need. Tension headaches can be caused by inadequate blood supply in your muscles, so you can see right away how massage can help! Headaches can also be caused by stress, and since we already know massage can help reduce your stress levels, you can counter those headaches along with it.

Headaches are painful, but getting rid of them doesn’t have to be! Start combating the causes of headaches; schedule an appointment with Stellar Therapeutic Massage today!


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