No one likes being cranky. Being irritable and short-tempered makes for a terrible day, not only for you, but for anyone unfortunate enough to cross your path. While we all try to avoid these days as much as possible, they happen to everyone, and finding a way to prevent them is as much a benefit to you as it is to your loved ones! Fortunately, Massage Therapy is here to help!

Of course, the long-term health benefits of Massage Therapy are bound to put anyone in a better mood. All week the Stellar Blog has talked about the ways Massage Therapy can set your health on the right track, and all of these tie directly to improving the quality of your life, and therefor your mood. Reducing the pain of inflammation and headaches, and helping to alleviate your stress will certainly make for happier days.

However, don’t count out the short-term effects of Massage Therapy when it comes to helping your mood, either. The University of Maryland has found that massage can cause an increase in the number of endorphins your body produces. Endorphins are the chemicals our body makes to reduce the feeling of pain and increase feelings of euphoria; clearly exactly what you need to improve your mood!

The next time you’re having a bad day, don’t take it out on the first unfortunate soul to catch your eye! Instead, schedule yourself an appointment with Stellar Therapeutic Massage, and help prevent those cranky days from coming back!

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